Funk 'n Waffles presents: theNEWDEAL
Sat October 5, 2019 10:00 pm (Doors: 9:00 pm )
Funk 'n Waffles
Ages 18 and Up
The New Deal
theNEWDEAL is back

Toronto-based liveelectronic trioreturns withnew drummer Davide Di RenzoWith over 1400 legendary late nights, sold-out clubs and triumphant festivalsunder their belts,theNEWDEALreturns with a passion in 2019 with ‘TND3’–the third incarnation of the renowned live electronica trio: Jamie Shields(keyboards), Dan Kurtz (bass), and new drummer Davide Di Renzo.The band’s evolution through three drummers has now broughttheNEWDEALcloser to its original direction. “With Davide, it’s a bit like ‘coming backhome’, as he was the drummer that inspired our original direction back in 1998when the three of us played an impromptu gig together in Guelph, Ontario.Each of the band’s drummers has brought something unique totheNEWDEAL,and with Davide we’re reaching back to move forward with the organic-infusedimprovisation that has long-inspired a big part oftheNEWDEALsound,”explains keyboardist Jamie Shields.theNEWDEALfirst beganin Toronto in 1999,quickly gainingsupport fromToronto’s underground club sceneas pioneers in electronica, recreating the DJexperience with live, improvised music. Soon the band brought theirinterpretation of Electro House, Trance, Breakbeat and Drum& Bassto the US,where they were embraced by the crowds at NYC’s Wetlands Preserve andcultivated a loyal followingin the American jam scene.After twelve years of touring,theNEWDEALtook a hiatus in 2011;Danspentmuch of the next few years touringthe world withElectropop bandDragonette.WhentheNEWDEALreturned to stages in 2014 they brought on board a newdrummer in Dragonette’s Joel Stouffer.For three years, Dan, Jamie, and Joelenjoyed another successful round of touring and recording, andin 2017 Joelamicably parted ways to pursue other musical interests.In 2018,theNEWDEALwelcomed drummer extraordinaire Davide Di Renzointo the fold. After several months of shedding in the studio, the band releasedthe first taste of new musicin March 2019with “Halo Drive”, an epic 16-minutelive improvisedstudio jam–recorded and mixed in the moment without anyoverdubs.The band plans to release moreof these livestudio improvisationsand will be launching a podcast as 2019 continues–plus along anticipatedreturn to the touring and festival circuit.