Funk 'n Waffles Presents
Kissin' Whiskey, Amanda Ashley, The Fearsome Leap - FnW ROC
with Amanda Ashley, The Fearsome Leap
Tue March 13, 2018 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Funk 'n Waffles Rochester
Ages 18 and Up
Kissin' Whiskey

Kissin’ Whiskey is a potent concoction of original music with vintage rock&roll, blues and your grand-dads soul influences.


Amanda Ashley

Singer Songwriter, artist from Longisland, NY 
Amanda Ashley, raised in Holtsville, Long Island, began playing the piano at the age of six, learned guitar and also studied violin for eight years. Her parents became wise early on to her musical talents, and influenced her to pursue her aspirations in music. Among her influences are Elton John, and Billy Joel, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Ella Fitzgerald, Fiona Apple, and Alicia Keys. She began writing and composing at the early age of fourteen, and was performing solo by the age of sixteen in local coffee houses. She continued to write and perform on and off campus while attending Fredonia State University in upstate New York. Amanda graduated from Fredonia with a Bachelors degree in painting and drawing in May 2007, and soon after moved her life to Rochester, New York.

Currently based out of Rochester, NY, Amanda is pursuing her musical aspirations as a solo artist accompanying herself on keys performing in and around various venues in Rochester, and throughout NY state, Boston, Philadelphia, and recently South Beach, Miami. Her unique sound is a contemporary mixture of R&B/jazz/Pop. Her music is featured on various local stations in Long Island, Boston and in Rochester, NY. Recent accomplishments include having had been invited to perform and be interviewed on 98.9 Kimberly and Beck's the Breakfast buzz (Rochester,NY) and Frank Deblase's The Sunday Night Shakedown (Rochester,NY), being interviewed with Long Island's WRCN radio 103.9 and featured on The Real Talk Radio show at Dee Synder's Evolution Sound Stage, voted into the final four for the City Newspaper's "Rochester's Best Solo Artist" category, and an upcoming write up in the City Newspaper (12/7/2011).

Amanda captivates and draws her audience's attention by combining sets with original music (50%) with covers(50%) ranging from Billboard top 40, classic rock, pop, 80's, R&B and soul.

Amanda continuously is seeking opportunity to broaden her fan base and to play in other various locations. For more information, youtube videos, show schedule, and to listen to recently recorded tracks cut for her recent Album release "Back To Me" visit www.amandaashleymusic.com

The Fearsome Leap

Matt Kotula- Guitar, Vocals

75% of Earth’s surface is covered by guitarists; Matt is one of them. He has played for fifteen years, in addition to giving lessons and working as a sound tech for UB. His playing ranges from lite-jazz to blues, from psychedelic noodling to folk strummin’, and from indie rock to just plain bad. He has been known to write songs.

Mike Simson- Bass, Vocals, Random weird instruments:

Mike's musical foray began in early high school when he decided to learn the acoustic guitar. 17 years later he's also picked up the mandolin, harmonica and now most recently the bass for Max Americana. Influenced by the likes of bob Dylan and Paul Simon's stories, Mike's folk influence has added to Max's persona, as he attempts to write lyrics that rhyme... He's still working on it....

Brian Bamann- Drums
Since we have no personal bio for Brian, all i can say is this.... he hits dem drums nice