IMMEDIATE FAMILY w/s/g Brian Wagner
with Wagner 3000
Tue December 17, 2019 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Funk 'n Waffles
Ages 18 and Up
Immediate Family
Immediate Family is a collaborative recording project steered by me (Mike Biederman) that includes a whole bunch of friends that I've pestered into playing with me. Currently based out of Chicago (and surrounding areas) December 2018 will see the release of our first full-length LP, titled "Whether Feast, Famine, or Fire". So, dig that.
Wagner 3000

WAGNER is a band for people who are simply fans of music. 

Dan Wagner has been crafting his unrivaled music, putting together his crack lineups and presenting spectacles long enough to know that he is cut from a different, uniquely rewarding musical cloth. From the people that never miss a show, to the musicians sharing the bill that envy the fun of the performances and the freedom of expression allowed, Dan has more of the raw ingredient of songwriting ability and stage charisma to become a fixture in the field of infectious music.

The sound of WAGNER has been described as "Zappa meets Nirvana", and draws comparisons to the uniqueness of bands/artists such as Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and Gordon Lightfoot. Original music inspires more of the same, and Dan fits the progression of the truly talented...the game changers. His band, consisting of Brian Williams (lead guitar, vocals), Matt Hampson (bass, vocals) and Matt Houghtaling (drums) has the pleasure of making great songs better. The colors and textures brought forth help create the extra magic needed to make the material timeless and extraordinary. With Dan's varied and incredible songs as a base, making them shine is as easy as it looks. Simply put, the live show is a completely satisfying, completely original event…and one way or another, the crowd with have a immediate reaction and a lasting impression of the performance.

The songs of WAGNER are remarkable for two reasons: every song is completely unlike any others out there. And secondly, while most great original bands exist in their own dimension of sound and structure, Dan's songs all sound different from each other. He's unique without trying to be, as most musicians' excessive attempts at originality usually leave them in the same uninspired bin. Hearing a handful of Dan's songs instantly shows an extremely impressive range, a sign that no trend can affect his orbit, and that no one song shows anything other than…one song. The live show bears this out. Folks have their favorites, and some aren't used to the band's ability to make the show more than a set of music…but every one in the room gathers close, and people can't pull themselves away, even those that have low levels of original . Everyone develops their own opinion of the spectacle they witnessed, but "I never heard or saw anything like that before" is a common phrase…

It's just how Dan does it. With a catalog approaching fifty random masterpieces and the ability to amaze all fans of good music, there's unbelievable moments coming round the bend. Like Dan himself, the tracks are traversing ground not usually traipsed on…but the ride is found nowhere else, and the destination is a place to be revisited over and over.