About Funk ‘n Waffles

About Funk ‘N Waffles

funknwaffles_aboutDown the stairwell right next to Chuck’s resides a restaurant with a unique spirit of its own, Funk n’ Waffles. This locally owned business was created by students for students. Its collaboration of music and food brings about an alternative, welcoming environment for all ages. With a menu unlike any other, Funk n’ Waffles focuses mainly on assortments of different kinds of waffles. They range from your traditional buttermilk waffle with syrup to your not so traditional waffles with pulled pork on top. They also try and use as many local and organic products as possible. Funk n’ Waffles offers quality food for realistic prices, all in an atmosphere with an essence of its own.

A History Lesson
Funk n’ Waffles was started by two Syracuse University students, Kyle Corea and Adam Gold. In their junior year of college, late at night the two best friends would use their upstairs neighbor’s waffle maker. They started to experiment with waffle making by using out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. To their surprise, the concoctions all tasted fantastic.

One night, the Corea and Gold decided to throw a party where they gave out free waffles to guests and provided live music. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, they continued to throw such parties. The friends also began to go to bars where their favorite bands played where they would make and sell waffles right at the side of the bar. Their parties, which always consisted of some sort of live entertainment, became so popular that Corea and Gold had a limo service drive people to the designated party locations.

At the end of their senior year, Corea and Gold decided to compete in a competition held by Syracuse University Whitman School of Management after hearing about it form one of their friends. The competition consisted of creating your own business and offered a prize of $25,000. The waffle-music idea ended up making it to the top six. Though it didn’t win, the entrepreneurship competition got the ball rolling. Corea and Gold decided to stay in Syracuse after their senior year and bring their idea to life. As they looked for a space, a coffee shop called La Tazza was on the verge of closing. The friends struck a deal with the owners of La Tazza to take over the business and the costs, opened Funk n’ Waffles, and haven’t looked back since.